Certification and Acknowledgment

MRV - Certificações

Quality First

MRV Engenharia is a building company that permanently invests in upgrading and quality management of its real estate. Throughout its existence, the Company has always been attuned to the best commercial practices of the market.

Therefore, the Company received, in November of 2001, a Level A Certification of the Brazilian Housing Quality and Productivity Program – PBQP-H -, being one of the first building companies to reach the highest level of qualification.

This program seeks for providing upgrades in quality and productivity for the civil construction industry, thus raising the competitiveness of goods and services offered by it. This happens because PBQP-H demands manpower requalification, standardization, constant checking and preventive measures of the processes, reduction of the waste index and the attempt to eliminate the rework.

MRV also possesses the ISO 9001 Certification. This stamp is a regulation which aims at establishing criteria to an appropriate business management, mainly focusing on client satisfaction, by means of actions such as: Company’s commitment to quality across all hierarchical levels; adequate management of human resources and materials necessary to business operations, among others.

The company is among the top four companies related to construction of the Americas by market value, according to the America´s ranking.


Market Acknowledgment

  • 1º place ITC ranking - Empresa que mais construiu em 2012, 2013 e 2014
  • XV Prêmio de Segurança do Trabalho do Sinduscon-MG - Empresa Destaque na Área de Vivência (2013)
  • Top of Mind Uberlândia (2013)
  • Top of Mind Vale (2013)
  • Ranking ITC - categoria “Residencial baixa renda” (2012)
  • Empresa que agrega mais valor ao acionista - Brasil Econômico (2012)
  • Top of Mind Minas Gerais (2012)
  • Top of Mind de Ribeirão Preto (2012)
  • Top Imobiliário de São Paulo (2012)
  • Top Imobiliário (2010)
  • XV Top of Mind (2009/2010) – Leadership Category
  • Top of Mind 2009 - Leadership of the Residential Building Segment
  • XIV Top of Mind (2008/2009) - Leadership Category
  • XIII Top of Mind (2007/2008) - Leadership Category
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • XII Top of Mind (2006/2007) - Leadership Category
  • The largest companies of the State of Minas Gerais 2005 – MRV stood out as the 47th largest company of the estate and the first in the civil construction segment
  • IX Top of Mind (2004/2005) - Leadership Category
  • 8th Place in the Real Estate Top Ranking of 2005, sponsored by the State of São Paulo together with Embraesp, awarded to the 10 largest building companies of the country
  • Largest residential building company of the country according to the estimate of the newspaper Gazeta Mercantil in the years 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2005
  • Wady Simão Commendation - Sinduscon – Building Company of the year(2002)
  • The largest companies of the State of Minas Gerais 2002 – The most profitable company per Net Equity
  • VII Top of Mind (2001/2002) - Leadership Category
  • IV Entrepreneurial Performance Award of Minas Gerais (2001/2002) - Category Outstanding Entrepreneurial Institutional
  • VI Top of Mind (2000/2001) - Leadership Category
  • V Top of Mind (99/2000) - Leadership Category
  • II Entrepreneurial Performance Award of Minas Gerais (99/2000) – Categories Excellence Company of the State and Sectorial Leadership of the Estate – Best Building Company of the year (2000) awarded by the newspaper “Jornal Hoje em Dia”
  • IV Top of Mind (98/99) – Significance Category


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