MRV - Solidez

It is the only building company present in over than 140 Brazilian cities.

In the Brazilian real estate market, MRV Engenharia stands out due to :

  • It is the only Building company present in over than 140 Brazilian cities;
  • It generates six thousand jobs per year;
  • It has sold over than 260 thousands apartments;
  • It has a reserve of land sites in privileged locations;
  • It has a standardized construction structure.

MRV´s greatest differential are the 37 years exclusively dedicated to the construction and incorporation of popular residential units, forming a unique and consolidated business net, with professionals, technology and successful experiences in real estate properties with high cost/benefit ratio. The integrated managing model with substantial capacity to search and acquire land, industrialized production, real estate standardization and shorter operational cycle, renders the Company as the largest and most experienced company that caters for this segment, which concentrates a considerable part of the Brazilian population and of the demand for new dwellings.

The company´s success is a reflection of the merging of three concepts: real estate location, price and financing way. MRV targets the best neighborhoods within the cities where it is present to build residential units. Their projects are based on structures which can be reproduced in many different kinds of enterprises. This modular building structure allows for the Company to shorten the incorporation cycle and to be able to hand over finished units at short terms. Therefore, the Company improves the return from its investments.

MRV Engenharia always seeks for creative solutions and innovative strategies to build and to market its enterprises, without deviating from its main focus – housing properties for the middle class. In addition to producing a great amount of enterprises, the company holds many success differentials, such as its high quality partnerships, the use of innovative architecture, online customer services available 24 hours a day, a transparent and respectful relationship with its clienteles, among others.