The history of MRVs investments in the development of sport, health and entertainment to society, crossed the barriers of sports marketing and has established itself as an incentive and collaboration to improve the national sport and the life quality of all society.

Since the 90s the company invests on sport. She has held partnership with several teams, such as Minas Tennis Club, Club Atlético Mineiro and the Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama. In 2012 MRV sponsored the team Williams in Formula 1, with the driver Bruno Senna. Besides him, the company sponsored the volleyball team of Montes Claros (MG) in the National Super League, Atletico Mineiro, on the Football State Championship, Sport Recife, Ipatinga Futebol Clube, São Jose and Taubaté.

This year (2013) the company announced sponsorship, the two most successful tennis players in the country: Bruno Soares and André Sá, in partnership with the BMG Bank. MRV is also sponsoring Rio Branco, football team.

MRV believes sports marketing is a way of promoting new Jobs on sport and improvement of health indicators in Brazilian society. The company believes that having access to sport and leisure is a right of every citizen.

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