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Present in the real estate market since 1979, MRV Engenharia is the largest Brazilian development and construction company, in addition to being the only company that offers houses and apartments in more than 140 Brazilian cities. Its wide experience allows for the planning of the constructive process, the forecasting of trends and the best cost/benefit ratio in the low-budget housing development market.

The company focuses on cost reductions, innovation and ethics.  And as a sustainable company, it also invests in social programs, environmental improvements and sports incentives, providing for new future prospectives for anyone involved.

MRV Engenharia sells real estate properties to Brazilians spread all over the world. Over 135 land properties are sold every day. Due to purchase facilities, diversified product lines, flexible payment plans, innovations and privileged location of enterprises, thousands of families have already had their dreams of becoming proprietors of their own homes come true .

MRV stakes on the internet as a tool for information, sales and transparent relationship with its clients. Therefore, clear and efficient 24-hour-a-day online customer services are available on its website. For all these reasons, the company’s name is a synonym for excellence, changing each development project into a success story.


MRV Engenharia bate meta anual e planta mais de 118 mil árvores

No Dia da Árvore a construtora comemora a meta alcançada de 103% nos oito primeiros meses do ano
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MRV Recebe Selo Caixa Azul da Caixa Econômica Federal

Companhia ganha seu primeiro Selo Casa Azul da Caixa Econômica Federal, na categoria Ouro
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MRV Engenharia recebe o Prêmio Época Empresa Verde 2016

Vencedoras mostram que boas práticas ambientais são estratégia de negócio
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