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Learn how to buy your own home easily

We have a world of facilities for you to conquer your new home. Check out the types of funding and consortium we offer and find the perfect option for you.

Por que a MRV

1 in 150 Brazilians live in an MRV

With more than 40 years of history, MRV was born from the desire to build economic properties to realize the dream of Brazilians who want to conquer a new home. From this desire, we have grown and today we operate in more than 160 cities in 22 states, bringing quality of life, innovation, technology, and sustainability to people.

Por que a MRV

Innovating to transform sustainably

In order to build dreams that transform the world, we invest more and more in ways to innovate our processes. And it is through the challenges that we find the motivation to continue innovating in a sustainable way. Because we see the possibility of focusing our projects on people and the environment, so that we leave asustainable legacy for future generations.

Minha Casa Minha Vida

Minha Casa Minha Vida Program

With the Minha Casa Minha Vida program, it became even easier to realize your dream of your own home. If your family income is less than R$ 4,000,00 reais per month, you can use the Federal Government subsidy to enter your financing and buy your apartment with MRV!

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Dreams that transform

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A MRV facilita a conquista da casa própria com apartamentos à venda de forma segura, digital e sem burocracia em 160 cidades:

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