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Code of conduct

Our guide to building dreams with ethics

What is the code of conduct?

We believe that our attitudes can help to build a better and more ethical world.

As this transformation starts from the inside out, we have a constantly updated code of conduct that guides our actions and relationships so that they are correct, respectful and transparent with all the audiences we interact with.

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Values ​​that guide us

Our purpose is to build dreams that transform the world.
To make this possible, we support our attitudes on 5 pillars that
reinforce our culture focused on ethics and integrity.

We do the right thing, always

The only way to build dreams is acting both ethically and transparently. Therefore, for MRV&CO to meet these goals and objectives while maintaining values, the commitment of the entire team is fundamental. We are very proud to be building our history on a daily basis firmly rested on integrity; on what is right. And this history depends on the choices of each and every individual; the result of good decisions, both big and small.

Our team is our strength

Our team is the truest expression of our DNA: truly committed individuals aligned with our purpose. Energetic individuals responding to the challenge to transform the world.

Together, we are able to play the starring role of leadership.
Individually, each talent can make a difference.

Our client is our commitment

We believe that a house is not an end, but the beginning of something bigger. We believe that each home has the power to change people’s lives.

Understanding the different realities of each of our clients is fundamental in bringing dreams to life. Therefore, we strive to bring ourselves ever closer and walk side-by-side with these individuals; to understand their current needs, while predicting new trends that may be around the corner.

We share our victories

Tireless efforts to reach better, more sustainable results over the long term plays a central role in our DNA. Furthermore, all of the individuals that take part in our growth and help us to positively impact and add value to surrounding communities, society and the environment are highly valued at MRV&CO.

We innovate to transform

We are aware of our contribution in the growth of the construction industry and society. That’s why we are constantly seeking to innovate with new practices and ideas; seeking new ways to steadily improve on our way to do things.

We go beyond the square meters of our developments: we keep a sharp eye on the neighborhood, promote a sense of community and make every effort to maximize sustainability. New challenges have increased our courage and have motivated us to continue building our future. We are very proud to be a company that thinks about what is best for all of the people associated with us: this is the fuel that drives our ability to realize dreams and transform.

Who does our
code of conduct apply to?

Everyone participates in the transformation! Therefore, the Code of Conduct must be followed by all MRV & CO staff, at all levels of the company and also by our partners, suppliers, outsourced service providers and any other that may represent the company.

Melhores Empresas para Trabalhar - Minas Gerais. Great Place to Work Brasil 2020.

How to know if
a conduct is ethical?

To find out if an attitude is ethical, you can use the following questions to evaluate it:

  • Is this situation legal?

  • Does this align with our values, our Code of Conduct and our policies?

  • Would I feel comfortable if my friends or family members knew about this?

  • If someone were to read about this in the paper, would I be worried?

  • Am I turning a blind eye or protecting someone who has done something wrong?

Ethics channels
for questions and reports

In order to transform, you must be proactive and speak up.

At MRV&CO, we value open, honest communication. Everyone should feel comfortable to ask questions and raise issues without the fear of retaliation or punishment.

Doubts? Speak to compliance

Our compliance departament is available for any ethichal questions you may have through this exclusive channel for internal use.

For reports, confidential
communications channel

Through the Confidential Channel, everyone can contribute to building a more ethical world. All of this preserving your anonymity and security.

Integrity Program

Based on our values ​​and Code of Conduct, MRV & Co has an Integrity Program that guides our efforts in the search for Compliance and an Integrity culture.

To learn more about the pillars, benefits and news visit our website.

Melhores Empresas para Trabalhar - Minas Gerais. Great Place to Work Brasil 2020.