Not only the 39 years dedicated exclusively to the construction and development of affordable residential units set MRV Engineering head and shoulders above the rest; one only need focus on the guiding principles that drive the company.  It has been built upon a solid business model, employs skilled professionals, incorporates cutting edge technology and has shown unparalleled success in cost-benefit real estate. Our integrated management model, focused on the prospecting and acquisition of land, industrialized production, standardized construction models and short-term operational turnaround make us the largest, most experienced company in the sector.
Our company success is a reflection of our three guiding principles: location, price and financing. MRV Engineering aims to build in the best neighborhoods in the city and our projects employ construction methods that can be replicated in a variety of different styles. The modular construction structure allows the company to reduce the turnaround cycle, offering faster delivery of products. As a result, the company is able to maximize returns on real estate ventures.
MRV Engineering has always sought out creative, innovative solutions and strategies in construction and sales, never a moment losing focus on affordable, middle-class housing. In addition to its portfolio of high-quality real estate, the company also offers a variety of successful differentiating factors such as high-quality partnerships, the use of innovative architecture, 24- hour online customer service, transparent business relationships and paramount respect for its customer.

drives MRV?

Nearly 4 decades of quality construction is the engine that drives our business. Transparency and responsibility, passion and commitment are the paramount principles helping our company to share in the daily lives of our customers who have long dreamed of owning their own home.

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To bring the dream of offering a home to our customers, offering customers the best cost-benefit relation.


To be the market leader in construction, development and sales in affordable real estate in Brazil.

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