MRV releases environmental certification seal in projects and construction

MRV Engenharia has just released two environmental seals, called "Lar Verde Lar" and "Obra Viva".

MRV Engenharia has just released two environmental seals, called “Lar Verde Lar” and “Obra Viva”, which will certify the company´s projects and construction sites. These certifications are a pioneer initiative of the company to encourage the adoption of sustainable practices and to promote continuously improvement of the quality of projects and of the community around.

To obtain the “Lar Verde Lar” seal the project must attend to 16 sustainability mandatory tasks, such as the improvement of surrounding areas,  selective waste collection, and energy and water-saving devices, like individualized water meter, motion detector and dual flush toilet cistern. To obtain the “Obra Viva” seal the construction site must attend to 11 sustainability mandatory tasks, such as solar heating system, solid waste management, use of certified wood and water reuse system. 
According to Flávio Vidal, Innovation and Quality Manager from MRV, these sustainability seals will be granted to construction sites initiated from next month.  According to the Manager “We are already training engineers to deal with the seals’s specificities, and we will promote lectures in the beginning of each construction site to sensitize collaborators. On the delivery of the certificated units the apartment managers will also undergo training to better understand the system implemented on the building”. To assure the execution of these sustainability actions audits will be periodically made by MRV’s Quality Team. 
The manager says that water saving is one of the priorities of the certifications and that beyond environmental gains the condominium’s financial result is really significant. It is expected that the projects with MRV environmental seal could save about 48.5% of water waste with the dual flush toilet cistern. “We are really proud about the seals, especially because we act in a sector (real estate) that is not usually covered by such initiatives. We expect that 100% of company´s projects and construction sites will be certificated” affirmed Vidal. 
The certificated construction sites will be identified through notice signs. The clients could recognize the certified units through the project´s descriptive memorial.
Founded in October 1979, in the city of Belo Horizonte, MRV Engenharia is the largest Brazilian real estate developer and homebuilder in the lower-income segment. In 35 years of activity, MRV sold more than 250 thousand units. MRV is the only Brazilian homebuilder Company active in 133 cities, 19 Brazilian states and in the Federal District. In the first quarter of 2015 the company sold 9,040 units and launched 6,282 projects. 

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