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Recent problems regarding water scarcity faced by some Brazilian states have definitely shown the kind of difficulties caused by a water crisis. Aware of the importance of this natural resource, MRV Engenharia has had a lot to celebrate ever since the company implemented water harvesting and reutilization systems at its construction sites. In 2016 alone, MRV saved more than 73 million liters of water – equivalent to 29 Olympic-size swimming pools – with reutilization of water at construction sites, generating savings on the order of R$ 268,000 for the company. The reutilization of water is done at different fronts such as, for example, harvesting rainwater through drainage points that lead the water to be stored in reservoirs to be used in several different restrooms and bathrooms. In the dressing-rooms, the air-conditioning water is drained and reused in bathrooms. The water used to wash concrete mixers – equipment used for mixing construction materials – is also reused after going through a decantation process. The resource that used to be disposed of now flows into three tanks. The first one for decantation of larger solid matter; the second one decants smaller materials; and the third one stores the water. “This system enables saving water resources that could not be used before. Even after recovering reservoirs after the water crisis, MRV has been making efforts to reduce the use of water, to eliminate waste and to reutilize as much as possible such fundamental resource”, the Health and Safety and Environment executive officer, José Luiz da Fonseca, points out. He explains that MRV already enjoys a number of certifications that assure the initiatives undertaken at the construction sites respecting the environment and enhancing sustainability. “All our collaborators are made aware of the importance of saving water and electric energy. We believe and invest in initiatives that respect the environment”, José Luiz remarked. <br />

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Rubens Menin talks about MRV's performance in 2015 to Forbes magazine

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Exame addresses MRV's strategy for 2016

With a 36 percent increase in profits, MRV will invest in large cities

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MRV releases environmental certification seal in projects and construction

MRV Engenharia has just released two environmental seals, called "Lar Verde Lar" and "Obra Viva".

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